Business: Starting a business takes a lot of work, time, and resources. In order to do business, it is also useful to learn about society and how business is done. The Indian Union Government has launched programmes to directly assist Indian companies in order to promote and finance them. Union Government Schemes for Indian Businesses are the name given to these programmes. Starting a business is a difficult task. The government understands the difficulties that entrepreneurs and startups face in starting and running their companies. To ease the burden and encourage new business setup and entrepreneurship, the government has launched a number of business schemes. A number of ministries, financial institutions, joint venture companies, public sector undertakings, and banks, among others, assist the government in implementing these programmes. Individuals, company owners, SMEs, and MSMEs in the Trading, Manufacturing, and Services sectors were the primary beneficiaries of business loans. There are several different types of these systems, and modern entrepreneurs may choose the one that best fits their needs. The government offers more than ten famous business startup loan schemes to aspiring entrepreneurs.