About us


Mecitizen is a portal to enhance knowledge and simplify the everyday lives of the Citizens of India. Our initiative is to provide a single platform for people seeking assistance with licenses, government programmes, services, Government daily update and other legal documents on various schemes, complaints that the Government of India has for its people. Mecitizen is a knowledge and information network that assists a wide range of candidates and explorers which bridges the gap between the people and enormous information accessible to them in an untangled manner.

The users of Mecitizen can choose from a few different categories. These are divided into different categories depending on multiple classifications such as online services, education, business schemes in India, health-related services, and so on.

The world has changed because of technological advancements; it has now become a global village. Consumers and victims have benefited from the online complaint process in a variety of ways, and it has driven up the resolution of complaints. It enables you to save both time and effort.

The method of education needs a number of measures, depending on the amount of education. Education may be a crucial process that features a significant effect on the ethics and culture of a society. public awareness initiatives targeted at educating people about the worth of education are introduced. As a primary step toward education, the Indian government has launched a variety of education-based initiatives for youngsters.


The state government has created a web portal to allow people to provide state departmental services without misunderstanding or delay. With the aid of e-service provision, the general public can easily access state and departmental services.

The Indian Union Government has started programmes to help Indian businesses promote and fund themselves. The government recognises the challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face in launching and operating their businesses. The government has introduced a number of business schemes to alleviate the burden and promote new business establishment and entrepreneurship.

Mecitizen is isolated based on the States of India, thus offering a wide information of the all the basic portal with varied information under one platform for the wellbeing of the people. This website is intended to be educational.